How Telehealth Works

How Telehealth Works

Telehealth has become a go-to option for many people in need of medical services. It’s convenient, private, and cost-effective. 

Are you considering telehealth? 

At MS Family Medicine Health Care PC in Rosedale and Garden City, New York, we use telehealth for a variety of services, from sick visits to medication refills to monitoring chronic diseases. 

Our team, led by board-certified family medicine physician Michele Reed, DO, FAAFP, wants to explain how telehealth works and how we use it to provide better care for our patients. 

Telehealth basics

Telehealth is health care from a distance using telecommunication technology. Instead of seeing your provider at the office, you meet from any location that’s more convenient for you by phone or video call. Telehealth also includes electronic transmission of health information, such as electronic prescriptions sent to your pharmacy and health education we forward to your email. 

We also use telehealth for what we call remote patient monitoring, in which we use devices and apps that allow us to monitor your at-home blood pressure readings for hypertension or blood glucose readings for diabetes.

Though it feels new, the Veterans Administration (VA) started using telehealth more than 20 years ago as a method for monitoring chronic diseases. They found that their remote care management program reduced complications and improved quality of life.

How telehealth works

Telehealth works by virtually connecting you with your provider from a location that’s more convenient for you. You may connect with us by phone or through our secure video conferencing platform. 

For video calls, we send you a secure link for your appointment. All you need for a virtual visit is a computer, tablet, or smartphone and internet access. We ask that you meet with us in a quiet, private setting with good lighting. 

The details of your telehealth visit will depend on the reason for your visit. We can use telehealth for:

This list is not exhaustive. If you have a medical issue that’s not listed here and you’d like to deal with it through a telehealth visit, call us and we’ll let you know if it’s possible.

Is telehealth right for you?

Many people like telehealth because it’s convenient and saves time and money. But telehealth isn’t the right choice for everyone or for every situation. Some people prefer seeing their health care provider in person. Additionally, we may need you to come to the office if we need to examine you personally or for other reasons.

However, the ability to access health services from a location of a patient’s choosing has been a major benefit for many, especially those with time, transportation, or mobility limitations. 

Only you can decide if telehealth is the right choice for you, but with advances in technology, telehealth is becoming better and better. To learn more about telehealth from our primary care providers, book an appointment online or over the phone with MS Family Medicine Health Care PC today.

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