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Concierge medicine provides unlimited access to your doctor in-person or via telemedicine by paying a monthly or annual fee. That allows you to receive treatment or ask questions whenever the need arises. At MS Family Medicine Health Care PC, which has two convenient locations in Rosedale, Queens, and Garden City, Long Island, Michele Reed, DO, FAAFP, and the caring providers offer a concierge medicine program. To schedule an appointment at the nearest New York City location, book a consultation online, or call the office today.

Concierge Medicine Q&A

What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine is a type of membership program. It gives you 24/7 access to a qualified healthcare professional after paying a monthly or annual fee. 

Concierge medicine has been around since the 90s, but it’s become increasingly popular over the last decade. That is because it provides a high-quality, luxury experience at a price point that’s affordable for anyone.

What services does concierge medicine provide?

The concierge medicine program at MS Family Medicine Healthcare PC offers a comprehensive suite of services, including:

  • Wellness and preventive care
  • Family medicine
  • Physicals and annual check-ups
  • Primary care
  • Laboratory tests
  • Immunizations
  • Sick visits

As a member of the concierge medicine program, you can also receive care for acute and chronic health problems, including diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. 

What happens during a concierge medicine appointment?

No two concierge medicine appointments are exactly alike. MS Family Medicine Healthcare PC tailors consultations to each individual’s needs. 

If you get sick, your provider conducts a physical exam, reviews your medical history, and asks about your symptoms and lifestyle. After pinpointing the source of your discomfort, they make recommendations for treatment, including prescription medication, if necessary.

Your concierge medicine provider can also recommend preventive screenings, answer your questions, or provide guidance on subjects like wellness, nutrition, and fitness. 

What are the benefits of concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine presents a variety of benefits. Under this healthcare model, MS Family Medicine Healthcare PC sees fewer patients each day. That allows for longer appointments and more customized care. It presents an opportunity to build a strong, trusting relationship with your healthcare provider.

Concierge medicine provides flexible scheduling, as well as access to your provider at any time of the day or night. This saves you the hassle of waiting in an emergency room or urgent care facility.

Since you pay a monthly or annual membership fee, you don’t have to worry about frequent copays either. In addition, concierge medicine is a good complement to high deductible insurance plans because primary care is covered.

Who can benefit from concierge medicine?

Anyone who wants to live a healthier and more active lifestyle can benefit from concierge medicine. Frequent appointments at MS Family Medicine Healthcare PC provide you with the information you need to eat better, exercise more regularly, quit bad habits, and avoid chronic illness.

To receive all-inclusive concierge medicine services, schedule an appointment at MS Family Medicine Healthcare PC. Book a consultation online, or call the nearest office today.